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“Grieving families and friends, now restricted due to mandated COVID-19 precautions at funeral services and gatherings for memorials, celebrations of life or cremations can exercise another option,” say the funeral directors at Can-Trust-Funerals. “We have seen some families use live streaming as a way to include the people who normally expected to say good bye to a loved one, together and in person.”  

Live streaming of funeral services means that mourners can participate and be present, even at a distance. Distancing can be due to safety protocols limiting the number of people allowed to attend in person or due to the pandemics limiting travel from other regions for people to come in and support the grieving family, and to experience their own emotions at the loss, fully. 

To help participants joining remotely a more fulfilling experience, Can-Trust-Funerals offers these tips:   


  • Bereaved families at the ceremonies can use their own electronic devices (DIY). 
  • Designate one trusted family member to record 
  • Hire a professional (your funeral director can secure this service for you) so that the family in attendance can be fully present without the distraction of recording either indoors at the funeral home or graveside. 


Share as a livestream or the recorded file to help family unable to attend with a virtual experience or as a keepsake. Easily use popular apps such as Facetime, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook Live or similar.    


Consider more than one recording device and angle so that virtual participants can see all the people and the faces of those present. This enhances the remote viewing experience and helps people participate more fully by seeing the emotions of those present and it helps everyone share their own feelings.  

Can-Trust’s funeral directors offer families caring guidance on all options in the Lower Mainland community. We provide reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always. 

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