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Despite the current pandemic’s requiring us all to modify funeral rituals, our needs as humans to observe and participate in symbolic activity that helps us process feelings and express our emotions at the passing of a loved one, remains constant. Can-Trust-Funeral’s death care professionals, licenced funeral directors serving BC’s Lower Mainland, have only seen human needs intensify in the families they help guide through the passing of their loved ones.   

“It may be difficult for friends and family to seek solace or to offer comfort to each other these days. Gathering to observe familiar rituals is disrupted in the face of COVID-19 cautions in place to protect our communities,” says Can-Trust’s Funeral Director, Tony Chan.  

“Our close knit team of funeral directors helps families negotiate the new standards. In some cases it means we help them recreate some of the rituals to express their belief, feeling and thoughts about the deceased.   

We sit together to plan memorials, cremations, celebrations of life or to arrange funeral services that honour the person who passed.  

For the living, as professional funeral directors, we offer continuity and hope at a sensitive time with these elements in mind:  

  1. An open approach to healing  

As social beings, the in-person experience of the funeral ritual assists in the steps towards healing. All kinds of WHY questions come up for families. Even if those questions go unanswered, a licensed funeral director can help people shift towards healing. Mourners move from the natural tendency to try to find solutions with the head, to acknowledging with the heart and in so doing being open to the emotions that will be felt and must come.     

While ongoing support will come from others, the process of planning and arranging the funeral brings critical moments of hope and support.  

  1. Design meaningful funeral ceremonies 

These help mourners acknowledge the reality of the death, accept the loss and begin to move through the pain of the loss towards and to begin healing.  

Today, with modifications being required, families have more say in creating new rituals and moving from the lost loved ones presence to their memory. 

  1. Looking forward 

At the time of loss, grieving families may feel overwhelmed and unable to forge a vision for their future. This takes time. A professionally prepared funeral director can by their demeanor and training create the rituals and experience that may help families as they move towards a new self-identity.  

They can either provide or recommend an ‘after care and support specialist’ 

Can-Trust’s funeral directors offer families caring guidance on options in the Lower Mainland community. We provide reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always. 

Before you engage with any funeral homes, please call Can-Trust-Funeral at 604-376-7975 or email to book a free professional consultation. You are never obligated. 

Our Can-Trust team of licensed funeral directors, provides funeral services in Burnaby, funeral services in Richmond, Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland. 

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