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Funeral Services

We work with all cemeteries in the Greater Vancouver area:

Funeral ServicePrice
Simple Cremation/Burial (Identification Available If Request)Starting From $1800.00
Graveside ServiceStarting From $2750.00
Memorial ServiceStarting From $3150.00
Church ServiceStarting from $3850.00
Traditional ServiceStarting from $3850.00
Celebrants, Clergy, Monks, Musicians Referral-

Pre-Arranged Funeral


We give you the options and you make your own decision.

Minimize the financial burden of your family.

For your peace of mind, we offer flexible payment plans.

Private Plot/Niche Sales

We have private family plot/niches for sale, please inquire within.  Also, if you wish to sell your private cemetery properties you can contact us so we can assist you with potential buyer.

1) Valley View Memorial Gardens, 14644 72nd Avenue, Surrey, B.C.:
Columbarium Niche(s):  3029 Quad
Structure No. 79 – Chapel
Dimensions: 12.0 X 27.0 X 13.5 Inches
Family Niche: Up to 4 urns
Asking Price: $9300.00

Columbarium Niche(s):  000512
Chapel Str 79
Dimensions: 20.2 X 13.5 X 10 Inches
Companion Niche: Up to 2 urns
Asking Price: $9000.00

2) Ocean View Burial Park, 4000 Imperial Street, Burnaby, B.C.:

Garden Of Hope
2 rows 5 pieces (total) 10 pieces, all double depth plots
(upright headstone or flat marker)
Ideal for family estates

Garden Of Fortune Ph 3
Double depth plot
(flat marker)
Asking Price: $52,800.00

2 pieces of Side by Side single depth plots (flat markers)
Asking Price: $34,000.00 each or $65000.00 for both

2 pieces of single depth plots (flat markers)
Asking Price: $30,000.00 each

Calvary 18, 20, 23
3 pieces of single depth plots (flat markers)
Asking Price: $30,000.00 each

If interested please contact us for pricing.