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Why not be as unique in your funeral arrangement choices as you are in your life? Every family is different, and not everyone wants the same type of funeral. In the experience of Can-Trust-Funerals that provides funeral services in Burnaby, funeral services in Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster, Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland, different factors determine whether people choose traditional full funeral services, graveside burials or cremations to honour a loved one who passed. 

Religious and cultural traditions, costs and personal preferences may determine if a funeral is going to be:  private or public, simple or elaborate, secular or religious or secular as well as where the funeral service will be held.

They may also vary in whether the body is present at the funeral or if the family will allow viewing or visitation. Will it be an open casket or closed? Will the remains be buried or cremated?

A professional funeral director can guide you. First, there are the choices of what kind of funeral you actually want to have, and then there are the many details to finalize in the choice you settle on. 

The top 3 funeral arrangement services are:


This full-service funeral may be what we are most accustomed to attending. It features a formal service and can include a viewing or visitation at the funeral site.

In the category of elaborate, this may be one of your most expensive options. It usually includes a funeral home’s basic services fee, rental of the funeral home, embalming and dressing the body costs of there is to be a viewing or visitation chosen, use of a hearse to transport the family and the body, and any planned guest receiving events. You should also count in casket, cemetery plot, or crypt and other funeral goods and services.

Grave side burial

A simpler, popular choice today as the body is buried shortly after death, usually in a simple container. No viewing or visitation is involved, so no embalming is necessary. A memorial service may be held at the graveside or later. Again, costs will include the funeral home’s basic services fee, transportation and care of the body, a casket or burial container and a cemetery plot or crypt purchase. There may be an additional fee for a graveside service.


The body is cremated shortly after death, without embalming. The cremated remains are placed in an urn or other container. There is np viewing or visitation but a memorial service may be held, with or without the cremated remains present. The remains can be kept in the home, buried or placed in a crypt or niche in a cemetery, or buried or scattered

A licensed and reputable funeral director will have your best interests at heart as funerals can rank, for some, as one of their biggest expenses in life. It is a very emotional time whether planning pre-need by an individual or at need by the grieving family.

Can-Trust’s funeral directors provide reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always.

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