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Welcome to Can-Trust-Funeral Ltd.

Can-Trust-Funeral Ltd., is the only locally owned and operated Richmond Funeral Home.  Based on many years of experiences working for major funeral homes in Greater Vancouver area, we realized families were paying much more than what they needed because of the funeral homes’ overhead costs. What we strongly believe in is to provide direct, straight forwarded and personalized cremation service, burial service or memorial service during your difficult time and together we will celebrate life of your loved one.  Also, you will find our selections of caskets and funeral related goods are much more affordable than major funeral homes in Greater Vancouver area. You can save up from few hundreds and up to thousand dollars.

Before you engage with any funeral homes, please call us or email us to book for a free professional consultation. 

We strongly believe in working together with local communities, relocating the resources back into our community and giving back to our society.

* We respect the diversity of our community and it is our honor to offer special discount on our selected caskets to all senior homes, hospices, religious groups, different societies, organizations and any loved ones over the age of 65 in lower mainland.  Also, we support our community by donating portion of revenue back to local charities *