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The obituary you write is one of the last rituals a licensed funeral director at Can-Trust-Funeral can assist a grieving family with as they make funeral arrangements, plan a cremations or celebrations of life in BC’s Lower Mainland. It may be read widely or held as a keepsake of the moment family and friends came together, in person or virtually, to honour and to remember their connection to the deceased.   

Every obituary tells some of the story of someone’s life — who their parents were, who their children are and where they’ve been and what they’ve done. An obituary may be the only time that person’s name ever appears in the paper, and it is through that obituary that a lasting record of a person’s life is written.  

Here are Can-Trust’s tips on what to include and also what not to share publicly: 

What to include in an obituary? 

An obituary is like a news article that reports:  

  • The recent death of a person and typically an account of their life, family members, glowing tributes and noteworthy achievements. 
  • Information about the funeral service, cremation or celebration of life such as time and location.  
  • An obituary typically consists of only a few paragraphs that briefly tells the story of a person and is of greatest interest to those who had an integral role in the community the loved one was a part of such as: friends and neighbors, former classmates or fellow faith community members  

Unfortunately, the family of the deceased is vulnerable to possible scams, identity theft or fraud when posting details of funeral arrangements, services and people in attendance. Can-Trust’s team suggests specific protections in the process of crafting an obituary.  

When to announce a death through an obituary  

Traditionally, an obituary was sent to a publication such as a newspaper or community bulletin three days before the actual funeral. Today, obituaries can be submitted electronically by any family member of the deceased or by a friend or funeral director acting on behalf of the family. 

Obituaries must be verified before publication. This is done through the funeral home. At Can-Trust-Funeral, licensed funeral directors assist families with their funeral arrangements in Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster and Burnaby, and include direct help in crafting an obituary worthy of the deceased as part of their service.  

Where to share an obituary 

Print publications such as newspapers and community bulletins. These are temporary and may be discarded or damaged.   

Online obituaries are more permanent and can be printed off by family and friends to keep. They are also often far more appealing visually to readers as colours, photos and graphics and videos can be economically added – making it feel more interactive.  

Online obituaries can be accessed in perpetuity from anywhere at any time, and easily shared as a  

website link or email or as a social media page. Another plus is that the text is virtually, unlimited and very low cost.  

Can-Trust’s funeral directors offer families caring guidance on all options in the Lower Mainland community. We provide reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always.  

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