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How our death taboo affects our lives

Death often surprises us in our Western culture. We may feel alone with its reality and unsure of the practical and emotional next steps, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A licensed funeral director can help. Can-Trust-Funeral helps people of all faith traditions in our community when a loved one passes, through the preparations and the process with reliable, straightforward and personalized advice. 

Denial of death

Some say a death taboo exists in our culture that makes it is easy for us to ignore and deny death. People are disconnected because they no longer observe the rituals around death and dying when family and community members helped with the care of the ill in their family homes.

When their loved one passed away, they were usually prepared at home for the funeral or a home wake. There may even have been a family cemetery on their property. These options are still available today, unbeknownst to many.

The result of family involvement made the death a reality. Acceptance came. Then, unable to deny death, the beginning of healing followed. 

Today, we don’t even talk about it seriously

After all, death is not a top conversation topic. Unless it’s the passing of a celebrity. Then we take comfort in death that only happens to others, not in our circle.

The natural cycle of life from birth to death, is lost in our interest in life extending scientific discoveries. Our attention to lifestyle regimens of diet, exercise and supplements promise longevity. And fictional immortalization fascinates us.

These are all good, life enhancing practices, until a loved one passes, or we have the insight to consider making our own arrangements.

How a licensed funeral director helps

After a passing, one of the first steps is to call a licenced funeral director to help you make final arrangements for the deceased and for the disposition of the human remains. At Can-Trust-Funeral, experienced funeral directors care for bereaved families in many ways including:

  1. Respond to all questions and concerns. Can-Trust welcomes all questions and concerns. There is no taboo when you meet at their Richmond offices.
  2. Give direct, clear and personalized options. You will be at ease, confident and comforted in knowing options and choices. You benefit from Can-Trust’s commitment to provide families with clear, complete and professional advice on funerals and funeral goods, in one location.
  3. Guidance through the bereavement process. Families in distress over the loss of a loved need to have the confidence that someone with knowledge is looking after all the regulations, rituals and must do’s while also able to witness and support to their emotional process of bereavement and facing the reality and acceptance of death.

Western culture’s story of death usually unfolds, as an example with an ill person passing away in palliative care, hospice or nursing home. Life comes to an end –out of sight and seemingly unexpected.

You don’t have to be alone in the acceptance or the practical steps in your process. Death care professionals now hold the wisdom and practical knowledge, once common in communities.

Consider a free consultation with no obligation before engaging standard funeral services.

Call or email to book a free professional consultation and be the beneficiary of reliable information and, 

Compassion Always.

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