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How do you imagine your funeral?

When people ponder their own funeral arrangements, the ideas that come to mind can be quite creative. 

Perhaps you too have given thought to how you would like things arranged at your funeral? Your choice of music, theme or setting to express your life and values?   

The funeral professionals at Can-Trust-Funerals have helped make many ideas happen for families. In their complimentary consultations for Vancouver region funeral home services, they have answered questions about logistics and funeral laws for families and executors.

These are some of the ideas that Can-Trust has helped make happen: 

Graveside burials 

In some traditions, deceased loved ones are ushered along their way by ceremonies at the graveside.  Can-Trust guides families as they arrange for sites, costs and all the legal details that pertain to making final arrangements in Richmond, Coquitlam, Burnaby and Vancouver funeral homes and services. (Lower Mainland)

Celebrations of life 

Celebrations and memorials may occur at the time of the funeral, or they may take place at a later time at the chapel or a special place or at a home wake. 

You may envision a party for your funeral. You may have specific ideas about a themed funeral with décor that will recall your community contribution or highlight your values, your special interests or collections and hobbies important to you in life. 

A professional funeral director has the resources and contacts to help you realize your vision.  Can-Trust Funerals can help you plan that ‘how to’ part to help you carry out the unique personal wishes or to express the personality and presence of a loved one in your life.  

Before you engage with any funeral homes, please call Can-Trust-Funeral at 604-376-7975 or email to book a free professional consultation.

You are never obligated and you’ll be surprised at how much more at ease you will feel as you experience Can-Trust-Funeral’s approach to real needs for reliable, straightforward and affordable service.

Above all, Can-Trust’s team of death care professionals believes in Compassion, Always.

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In our next post we look at:  The kinds of services you can expect a professional funeral director to handle for you