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“I don’t want a funeral!” And why people feel that way

It’s a sentiment the death care professionals at Can-Trust-Funerals Ltd. hear in their office and even in their personal and social settings in our community. 

What leads someone to declare, “I don’t want a funeral”? 

It is often the cost or what they imagine the cost to be, depending on their experience.  In our society, most of us are disconnected from death and dying until a life threatening crisis requires us to attend a funeral or to plan one.   

People’s impressions of the cost and complexity of funerals may be based on:

  1. Attending someone else’s funeral and mistakenly thinking, ‘this is how it works and it’s the only way to do it’. At Can-Trust-Funeral Ltd., every family making funeral decisions or asking about pre-arrangement is given personalized and direct service with options and ideas. They’re committed to helping families select what is best for them rather than choose from pre-set packages that carry high administration fees and maximize sales.
  2. They feel ‘Funerals are so expensive!’ and think ‘I don’t want to cause financial hardship’. A funeral can seem overwhelming and bring about negative emotions and so lead someone to not even want a service of their own. Affordable choices do exist. Informed guidance exists. For the individual planning ahead or for the loved ones left behind, Can-Trust-Funeral is committed to consultation with heart.
  3. Media, movies and TV news impact how we feel about death and our ideas of funerals. Death care professionals understand that people may be limited in their life to the experience of one or two funerals or what we all see on TV. Can-Trust gently shares ideas many of us may not know are possible such as:  a private in home death care service, funeral service, celebration of life, ash releasing or personalized memorial. A ‘funeral’ need not be a negative worry with trusted professionals willing to help with compassion and education freely given.

As Richmond’s only locally owned and operated funeral service provider, Can-Trust-Funeral Ltd. sees families from all faith traditions and in all situations.

Can-Trust is passionate about providing families with clear, complete and professional advice on funerals and funeral goods, in one location.

Before you engage with any funeral homes, please call Can-Trust-Funeral at 604-376-7975or email to book a free professional consultation.

You are never obligated and you’ll be surprised at how easy and good it feels. Experience Can-Trust-Funeral’s approach to real needs for reliable, straightforward and affordable service.

Above all, Can-Trust’s team of death care professionals believes in,

Compassion Always.

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In our next post we look at how our Western culture colours our feelings about funerals and death for us.