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Some Practical Life Details Your Funeral Director Handles

Some Practical Life Details Your Funeral Director Handles

We don’t often envision the paperwork that accompanies the passing of a loved one in our society.

At Can-Trust-Funerals, bereaved families can focus on their final farewells and be relieved of the complexities of the legal points and logistics as part of the service provided by the team of professional funeral directors.

British Columbia especially has Acts and Regulations with restrictions in addition to what is found in the rest of Canada. Can-Trust reliably and regularly handles these sometimes confusing for clients for Richmond, Coquitlam, Burnaby and Vancouver funeral services.

You will find your Can-Trust funeral director looks after:


  • A release form must be signed before the body of the recently departed can be relayed to the funeral home’s care. This includes transportation from home or hospital, care of the body and preparation for the funeral service or pre-arranged burial or cremation.
  • Transportation plans may include foreign repatriation of the deceased in which case flights and documentation is arranged.

Legal documentation

  • This will include reporting to Vital Statistics, creating the death certificates, and disposition permits. The team member caring for the family will also cancel social insurance cards, inform the Credit Bureau to red flag measures against identity theft after a death.


After the burial, or the funeral services and memorials, attention to the people, as well as the necessary paperwork, continues. This may mean counselling, discussion of accessing death benefits, medical services and legal correspondence.

At Can-Trust, all this is handled directly by a funeral director completely familiar with the family and their needs, never a dispassionate sales person. Throughout their comprehensive service, Can-Trust’s professionals believe in Compassion, Always.

Executors and families are invited to benefit from a free consultation before contacting other funeral homes. Simply call us at 604-376-7975 or email to book a free professional consultation.

Experience Can-Trust-Funeral’s approach to real needs for reliable, straightforward and affordable service.

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How do you imagine your funeral?

How do you imagine your funeral?

When people ponder their own funeral arrangements, the ideas that come to mind can be quite creative. 

Perhaps you too have given thought to how you would like things arranged at your funeral? Your choice of music, theme or setting to express your life and values?   

The funeral professionals at Can-Trust-Funerals have helped make many ideas happen for families. In their complimentary consultations for Vancouver region funeral home services, they have answered questions about logistics and funeral laws for families and executors.

These are some of the ideas that Can-Trust has helped make happen: 

Graveside burials 

In some traditions, deceased loved ones are ushered along their way by ceremonies at the graveside.  Can-Trust guides families as they arrange for sites, costs and all the legal details that pertain to making final arrangements in Richmond, Coquitlam, Burnaby and Vancouver funeral homes and services. (Lower Mainland)

Celebrations of life 

Celebrations and memorials may occur at the time of the funeral, or they may take place at a later time at the chapel or a special place or at a home wake. 

You may envision a party for your funeral. You may have specific ideas about a themed funeral with décor that will recall your community contribution or highlight your values, your special interests or collections and hobbies important to you in life. 

A professional funeral director has the resources and contacts to help you realize your vision.  Can-Trust Funerals can help you plan that ‘how to’ part to help you carry out the unique personal wishes or to express the personality and presence of a loved one in your life.  

Before you engage with any funeral homes, please call Can-Trust-Funeral at 604-376-7975 or email to book a free professional consultation.

You are never obligated and you’ll be surprised at how much more at ease you will feel as you experience Can-Trust-Funeral’s approach to real needs for reliable, straightforward and affordable service.

Above all, Can-Trust’s team of death care professionals believes in Compassion, Always.

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In our next post we look at:  The kinds of services you can expect a professional funeral director to handle for you

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How our death taboo affects our lives

How our death taboo affects our lives

Death often surprises us in our Western culture. We may feel alone with its reality and unsure of the practical and emotional next steps, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A licensed funeral director can help. Can-Trust-Funeral helps people of all faith traditions in our community when a loved one passes, through the preparations and the process with reliable, straightforward and personalized advice. 

Denial of death

Some say a death taboo exists in our culture that makes it is easy for us to ignore and deny death. People are disconnected because they no longer observe the rituals around death and dying when family and community members helped with the care of the ill in their family homes.

When their loved one passed away, they were usually prepared at home for the funeral or a home wake. There may even have been a family cemetery on their property. These options are still available today, unbeknownst to many.

The result of family involvement made the death a reality. Acceptance came. Then, unable to deny death, the beginning of healing followed. 

Today, we don’t even talk about it seriously

After all, death is not a top conversation topic. Unless it’s the passing of a celebrity. Then we take comfort in death that only happens to others, not in our circle.

The natural cycle of life from birth to death, is lost in our interest in life extending scientific discoveries. Our attention to lifestyle regimens of diet, exercise and supplements promise longevity. And fictional immortalization fascinates us.

These are all good, life enhancing practices, until a loved one passes, or we have the insight to consider making our own arrangements.

How a licensed funeral director helps

After a passing, one of the first steps is to call a licenced funeral director to help you make final arrangements for the deceased and for the disposition of the human remains. At Can-Trust-Funeral, experienced funeral directors care for bereaved families in many ways including:

  1. Respond to all questions and concerns. Can-Trust welcomes all questions and concerns. There is no taboo when you meet at their Richmond offices.
  2. Give direct, clear and personalized options. You will be at ease, confident and comforted in knowing options and choices. You benefit from Can-Trust’s commitment to provide families with clear, complete and professional advice on funerals and funeral goods, in one location.
  3. Guidance through the bereavement process. Families in distress over the loss of a loved need to have the confidence that someone with knowledge is looking after all the regulations, rituals and must do’s while also able to witness and support to their emotional process of bereavement and facing the reality and acceptance of death.

Western culture’s story of death usually unfolds, as an example with an ill person passing away in palliative care, hospice or nursing home. Life comes to an end –out of sight and seemingly unexpected.

You don’t have to be alone in the acceptance or the practical steps in your process. Death care professionals now hold the wisdom and practical knowledge, once common in communities.

Consider a free consultation with no obligation before engaging standard funeral services.

Call or email to book a free professional consultation and be the beneficiary of reliable information and, 

Compassion Always.

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“I don’t want a funeral!” And why people feel that way

“I don’t want a funeral!” And why people feel that way

It’s a sentiment the death care professionals at Can-Trust-Funerals Ltd. hear in their office and even in their personal and social settings in our community. 

What leads someone to declare, “I don’t want a funeral”? 

It is often the cost or what they imagine the cost to be, depending on their experience.  In our society, most of us are disconnected from death and dying until a life threatening crisis requires us to attend a funeral or to plan one.   

People’s impressions of the cost and complexity of funerals may be based on:

  1. Attending someone else’s funeral and mistakenly thinking, ‘this is how it works and it’s the only way to do it’. At Can-Trust-Funeral Ltd., every family making funeral decisions or asking about pre-arrangement is given personalized and direct service with options and ideas. They’re committed to helping families select what is best for them rather than choose from pre-set packages that carry high administration fees and maximize sales.
  2. They feel ‘Funerals are so expensive!’ and think ‘I don’t want to cause financial hardship’. A funeral can seem overwhelming and bring about negative emotions and so lead someone to not even want a service of their own. Affordable choices do exist. Informed guidance exists. For the individual planning ahead or for the loved ones left behind, Can-Trust-Funeral is committed to consultation with heart.
  3. Media, movies and TV news impact how we feel about death and our ideas of funerals. Death care professionals understand that people may be limited in their life to the experience of one or two funerals or what we all see on TV. Can-Trust gently shares ideas many of us may not know are possible such as:  a private in home death care service, funeral service, celebration of life, ash releasing or personalized memorial. A ‘funeral’ need not be a negative worry with trusted professionals willing to help with compassion and education freely given.

As Richmond’s only locally owned and operated funeral service provider, Can-Trust-Funeral Ltd. sees families from all faith traditions and in all situations.

Can-Trust is passionate about providing families with clear, complete and professional advice on funerals and funeral goods, in one location.

Before you engage with any funeral homes, please call Can-Trust-Funeral at 604-376-7975or email to book a free professional consultation.

You are never obligated and you’ll be surprised at how easy and good it feels. Experience Can-Trust-Funeral’s approach to real needs for reliable, straightforward and affordable service.

Above all, Can-Trust’s team of death care professionals believes in,

Compassion Always.

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In our next post we look at how our Western culture colours our feelings about funerals and death for us.

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KNAPP, Allen

February 15, 1926 – July 25, 2018

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Allen Knapp at the age of 92. Al is survived by his wife Molly of 68 years and his son Allen (Betty); Daughter Susan (Harry); Grandson John and Granddaughter Trish.  Al spent 3 years with the Canadian Navy during the war.  He spent 37 years with Air Canada and enjoyed postings in Toronto, Montreal, Cleveland, Edmonton, Winnipeg and ended his career with a posting in Tokyo, Japan.  Returning to retire in Richmond, B.C..

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HEBERT, Scott Warren Alexander

December 31, 1970 – March 17, 2018

We are extremely saddened to announce the passing of Scott Hebert, our beloved husband, father, friend and trainer extraordinaire at the age of 47.  He leaves behind his loving wife Rosalie, daughter Jessie and countless family members and dear friends.  He will be greatly missed by the athletic community and his passion for life will live on through all those he touched. 

A celebration of Scott’s life, where we will all get the opportunity to celebrate and honour Scott, will take place at the Stadium rink at the Minoru Arena in Richmond on Friday, May 4, 2018 at 3pm.

In lieu of flowers, a go fund me page has been setup for Jessie’s postsecondary education. Hebert In Memoriam.  (Link on his facebook page) #Bellletstalk 

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LI, Yong Qiang

November 14, 1963 – March 5, 2018

Yong Qiang Li passed away at Vancouver General Hospital at the age of 54.  He was born in Guangzhou, China.  Visitation on March 8, 2018 from 3 – 5 pm at Bakerview Community Crematorium and funeral service on March 9, 2018 at 9:30am at Bakerview Crematorium.

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WONG, Jimmy Kam Yow

November 20, 1947 – December 24, 2017

Jimmy passed away peacefully after a brief illness. He was pre-deceased by his beloved father Wong Gim Sing (1966), beloved mother Wong Leong Quay Ying (1974) and beloved sister Wong Feng Gin. He is survived by his son Terrance (Christina); his daughter Christina (Alexander); his daughter Cynthia (Take);  his daughter Cassandra (Terry);  his daughter Kscenia (David);  four grandchildren Matthew, Madeleine, Joshua and Cameron; and many close friends.

He emigrated from China to Vancouver, BC, Canada in the 1950s and attended high school in East Vancouver where he made many friends, was a member of the senior boys’ basketball team (called “Fly Hounds”), and was an avid reader.  He later attended Pacific Vocational Institute, Burnaby, BC and British Columbia Institute of Technology in Burnaby, BC for further education.

Jimmy worked for Canada Post Corporation (New Westminster Station) for over 30 years before retiring to pursue interests in travel, ballroom dancing, swimming, camping and the great outdoors. He loved his family including his four precious grandchildren.  He was a generous and loving man, father and dear friend who lived his life with courage and pure enjoyment.  Jimmy will be remembered in loving memory by his family and friends.

As per Jimmy’s wishes, a private family burial service will take place at Valley View Cemetery in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Arrangements entrusted to Can-Trust-Funeral Ltd.