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3 Ways you can heal from grief even as society engulfs you with celebratory seasonal messages from Vancouver’s Can-Trust-Funeral

January continues to evoke mixed feelings for families dealing with traumatic loss of loved ones that may have been triggered at Christmas. The universal holiday of rebirth is a season filled with music and greetings asking us to be joyful, feel happy and share peace with our fellow humans. The funeral directors at Richmond based, Can-Trust-Funeral, know of the turmoil a family feels as they miss recently lost loved ones or have painful memories while messages at the New Year urge fresh starts.  

Can-Trust-Funeral’s death care professionals see that these recommendations have helped families in the Lower Mainland of BC, adjust after funerals, cremations, memorials and celebrations of life.  

1. Focus on healing

Christmas time is traumatic for many reasons and may even bring up PTSD. In January, it is customary to put up a new calendar, open a new date book and with it the opportunity to reset.  

Everyone’s healing journey is unique and takes as long as it takes. It may be helpful to talk about it, and in the process let others help you.  

2. Structure  in new habits, routines, traditions 

What gets people through a season or any day is as individual a thing as their dealing with grief. They may go for counselling. They may move through grief with regular exercise. 

  • These new habits can be added to a life sustaining routine whose new elements might focus on mental or physical health, or ways to engage with other people.  
  • Routine helps. It gives structure and supports the hopefully happy new additions in someone’s life. It’s not a betrayal if in the maintenance of health and wellbeing the memory of the loved one lives on.  
  • Some people honour the loved one who passed by setting up a fund or foundation as one of many ways to observe a tradition that links them to loved one who passed.  

These may become a new tradition in the family.     

3. Better anniversary planning   

  • Be well prepared, emotionally, especially if it is only the first year. Anticipate the next round of anniversary days or events. These could also be triggers like their wedding anniversary, the accident, the death, the diagnosis. 
  • We each remember in our own way. The calendar, our body remembers and now even if you have not programmed it into a calendar, Social media sends you reminders of everyday calendar events and memories.  
  • Consider helping others and comforting them, such as a parent when the other has passed. Such human connection helps everyone.  

Can-Trust’s funeral directors offer families caring guidance on all options in the Lower Mainland community. We provide reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always.    

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