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Be protected and informed as you make final arrangements after a loss

Professional funeral directors at Can-Trust Funeral, based in Richmond, BC recommend that family members or executors responsible for making the arrangements after a loss, turn to Consumer Protection of BC as an important resource to help you.

You may be overwhelmed and vulnerable when you enter a funeral home. Yet in your distressed state, you must deal with multiple documents placed in front of you. One of these will be a funeral contract. On it you will see a fee, currently $30, called the Consumer Protection BC fee.

Consumer Protection BC offers a service families can reach out to if they believe that they have been misled, mistreated or received wrong information from the funeral provider. (Can-Trust upcoming blogs will detail how funeral providers can mislead, mistreat and giving wrong information to bereaved families, please subscribe for an alert to your inbox)

The death care professionals at Can-Trust who provide funeral services throughout the Lower Mainland have these two important messages today, so that families and executors can protect themselves and feel confident in the planning after a loved one passes:

You have access to an independent and trusted source to for research

The Consumer Protection Act serves you with information 24/7 on their website.

Consumer Protection BC regulates the industry and issues licenses for funeral directors and funeral homes.

It is mandatory for funeral professionals to be licensed by Consumer Protection BC. The website can tell you if the person who is serving your family is licensed or not. (Next blogs will explain why it is critical that the person serving your family is licensed)

You will learn about your individual rights on their pages and also see published reports on any infractions of complaints investigated. Available to you are listings of funeral homes that violated regulations and exactly which regulations they violated, so you may think twice about using them. (Most instances of violation are related to Pre-arrangements and about items not listed on pricelist, incorrect information given etc. To learn more in upcoming blogs, subscribe)

You have more time than you think when a loved one passes

You have time to do all you must. Call on the services of a professional and licenced funeral director to help you arrange all you need for burial or cremation and any events you wish to hold to celebrate the life of the person who passed.

Consumer Protection BC can help you screen for a reputable funeral provider.

Before you engage with any funeral homes, please call Can-Trust-Funeral at 604-376-7975 or email to book a free professional consultation.

You are never obligated.

Can-Trust-Funeral’s provides reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always.

Can-Trust’s team of licensed funeral directors, provide funeral services in Burnaby, funeral services in Richmond and in Vancouver as well as throughout the Lower Mainland. 

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