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Gifts of time and care to give at Christmas to someone grieving a loved one who passed

The empty space when a loved one has passed can loom larger when everywhere you look there are happy holiday lights and sounds. It can be tough for people who want to help those they perceive as suffering with loss or memories of a person missing in the fray of the bustling about searching for just the right gifts for family and friends or in gatherings at parties and tables in a holiday season that somehow involves us all.

These times can be extra sensitive for someone grieving a recent loss, or the added intensity of loss through tragic circumstances such as suicide, or fatal accident. At Can-Trust Funerals Inc. a locally owned funeral home and close-knit professional death care team serving Vancouver and funeral homes in Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey and Coquitlam, we have seen the toll-regardless of its timing in the year.

If you are that thoughtful friend trying to comfort someone at such a difficult time, we hope you will find what we share from our experience providing after death care or counselling helpful.

Give the gift of time

Sometimes simply sitting with a person with no rush in listening to what they want to share can mean the world to someone. As caring friends we anticipate the grief and memories that may engulf a person, but we can help others only if they need help. Take time.

Give the gift an open heart

Be with anyone feeling distress, or wanting to talk about it without judgement. Be present, listen actively. Being in company doesn’t always mean doing or finding the solution.

Give permission to seek professional after death care if needed

Part of our service at Can-Trust is to help guide and counsel families and individuals. Yet, there are times where extra support is needed, so our professional team refers people in need to experts we trust. They are dedicated to help and well trained in the techniques of after death care. Sometimes that is what is best.

Know that in this season that leads us to reflection, evaluation and that is full of nostalgia, no one need feel alone with their feelings. Reach out to help or to get help. We are here to support each other.

You are also never alone if you want to discuss or need to prepare a memorial, funeral or arrangements. Feel free to talk to us before engaging with any other funeral homes for service in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby or Coquitlam.

You are never under any obligation and as a locally owned funeral home or consultant, we are here to help you with options and advice, and with Compassion, Always.

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