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What can we do before we die or before we lose someone?  Talk about that inevitable – death. Funeral directors at Richmond-based Can-Trust-Funerals Ltd. find that people don’t generally like to talk about death. It’s not a comfortable or usual topic in our society. 

Yet, frank talk before a death is imminent, may help. Preferences can be confirmed about funeral arrangements, feelings about memorials, and celebrations of life or final disposition by cremation or burial. Conversations can also yield compassionate connection and insights that may help loved ones that will be left behind cope better.  

Losing someone to death is painful, and a licensed funeral director can guide mourners so that the funeral arrangements at least don’t have to be painful. 

What is the top advice offered by Can-Trust-Funerals team members when a family meets with them to discuss funeral arrangements in the Lower Mainland? Have the conversations if you can. If a death is imminent: Don’t worry about the funeral arrangements, spend precious time with the dying.

In the days prior to someone dying, family members may feel the need to do something. A professional funeral director empowers the loved ones in these fraught moments with assurance that there is always time for the arrangements. 

Talk about death

  • The “good death” many hope for is very personal and can be imagined as exiting in a blaze of glory to a peaceful passing. The main thing Can-Trust’s professional funeral directors and celebrants will encourage is that families spend the time with dying loved ones. Or, if coming in to prearrange a funeral service, to talk about their life and now their preference in death, sooner than later.
  • As many of us do not have avenues to talk openly about death unless we’re forced to, opening conversations with your loved ones is valuable. 

Carry out the funeral arrangements  

  • You might find that as you ask practical questions of a funeral director about transfer of the deceased, funeral home facilities and preparation of the body – you begin bridging your mental preparation and the emotional reality ahead of you.
  • Professionals are there to help handle the practical burdens so you can focus on the funeral service and all it is designed to do.  

Rituals for the experience and the emotion  

  • Advance planning and the actual ritual are two completely separate experiences. 
  • Funeral rituals give us the reality of the death and signal acceptance and the ability to move forward.
  • Rituals associated with the funeral, cremation or celebration of life can be familiar and traditional or designed by the family. They give a concrete way to express our grief and share it with other mourners. Discussing the plans can help families cope.

Even though we all know death is part of our lives, it still seems to take us by surprise. Can-Trust’s funeral directors offer families caring guidance on all options in the Lower Mainland community. We provide reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always.  

Before you engage with any funeral homes, please call Can-Trust-Funeral at 604-376-7975 or email to book a free professional consultation. You are never obligated.  

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