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The eulogy speech you present will give a sense of comfort and closure for mourners. They will listen closely to your words in person, live streamed or delayed viewing video due to pandemic regulations for attendance at funeral service, cremation, burial or celebration of life arranged in the Lower Mainland. Richmond, BC based Can-Trust-Funerals has some tips to support you in the honour you have been given and your responsibility in delivering the eulogy speech.  

Find tips in writing the eulogy in a previous Can-Trust-Funerals post or you have the option to hire a professional funeral celebrant. They sit with the family, listen and prepare and then deliver what the family wishes. Funeral celebrants on the professional funeral directors’ team can deliver the eulogy or read other words from those that are too overcome with emotion.

Focus on the positive points of the person’s life and keep the tone inspirational, from beginning to end. Can-Trust has these tips to help you present the eulogy speech you have written:

Practice beforehand. 

Some say read your speech aloud in private in advance up to 20 times. Practice in an empty room, in front of a mirror or in front of other family members to help calm you, and smooth out any awkward or difficult passages.

  • Knowing what’s coming makes you confident to control the pace, not hurry your words and look up more, and stare down at the paper less. 
  • You’ll know where in your speech you are the most emotional and you will be ready to take a breath or a drink of water and reduce any anxiety at speaking in public. 
  • Practice the pauses as this will help you make your speech more memorable in honour of your friend and for the mourners to follow you more naturally. Simply write PAUSE to give your audience a chance to absorb the comments and stories you are sharing.

Bring notes with you

  • Have about 5 to 7 minutes of material, although anywhere between 3 and 10 minutes is appropriate. You don’t have to memorize your speech but be familiar through practice so you can speak at a good pace and not speed up nervously. 
  • Manage these smoother presentation points by printing out your speech fully or have it as bullet points on cards. This assurance of the words in hand helps you remember and share more naturally.  
  • Choose a large font, double space it and print only on one side. Keep the notes flat on the lectern. Numbering the pages in case of an accidental shuffle. 

Be Yourself  

  • Do introduce yourself, your name and your relationship with the deceased before you begin. This provides context as it is unlikely that everyone at the funeral service will know you well. 
  • Do know your audience wants you to succeed and will be appreciative of your effort as the storyteller that connects the recollections you are all share and to remind them of the memories in their hearts and minds. You are helping others with their own grief. 
  • This means you must also take care of yourself. Be prepared both mentally and physically. Plan to be rested. Bring tissues and have water nearby in case you need to take a moment to compose yourself, even mid speech. 

How to end your eulogy presentation?

Conclude the eulogy with sincerity and a measure of reverence for the deceased. As with any presentation ending, especially one that has attempted to represent someone’s life, feel free to summarize points made throughout your speech. 

Make eye contact with your audience at this closing moment, if you can. Or, as it may be in these pandemic times, look into the camera as you touch on the spirit and the impact the deceased has had. In this way you offer an uplifting end to the eulogy. 

Can-Trust’s funeral directors offer families caring guidance on all options in the Lower Mainland community. We provide reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always.  

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