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‘Swedish death cleaning’ tips to welcome spring in BC’s Lower Mainland from Can-Trust Funeral

Do you know the forever favour you can do for your family that is rarely spoken of? Imagine that as you get into the seasonal rite of spring to freshen and declutter, that you plan ahead to the inevitable – your death. Swedish death cleaning encourages just that. With a little planning ahead the method spares loved ones the difficult task of also rummaging around your unsorted possessions trying to decide, dispose and distribute all the stuff of your life. Richmond-based Can-Trust-Funeral offers this look at the practical, sometimes fun and certainly not morbid solution to this picture. Swedish death cleaning – helps to get your life in order and lightens the burden for families after a graveside funeral, cremation or memorial. As the funeral directors at Can-Trust who help families in the Lower Mainland to also pre-plan their funeral arrangements can attest, similar benefits await the person who plans ahead. They often enjoy a clearer, free and more abundant life now.  

Why wait to get started?  Here’s how. 

The concept became globally popular with the publication of Margareta Magnusson’s, book   “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter. The chapters give practical ‘how to’s as well as specific notes on how life becomes more pleasant and how it makes it all easier for your loved ones now and after your passing.  

Magnusson suggests you start where you are. Mid-life is not too early.  Why wait? Her personal experience is based on cleaning out the homes of parents, in-laws and friends, after they passed, as well as the home she shared with her husband after he died. And though the Swede reiterates the benefits you’ll feel after death cleaning, she stresses, “It’s about doing a favor for those who survive you, too.” 

Some of her tips to create space, for lighter abundant living in the present are:   

  • Give yourself lots of time. You’ll be able to savour the memories and make calm decisions.  
  • Pull items out of the storage areas. This may mean the attic and the basement, places full of times already not a daily priority.  Make room to enjoy life more now. Leave less for others to deal with later.  “Mess is an unnecessary source of irritation,” says Magnusson. 
  • See it as a way to organize your everyday to run your life more smoothly as a permanent choice or habit. 
  • Find the joy and delight in the process as you go through things and enjoy the memories and their worth to you. Cleaning then becomes more than dusting or mopping up. 

In her book, Magnusson suggests you resolve to reduce, give to others in your circle, sell or donate the ‘stuff’ of your life that you no longer need anymore. 

Pre-planning for death an outcome of pre-cleaning for life  

Magnusson’s take on clutter is that is simplifies and enriches your life to lighten up. In pre-planning funeral arrangements, she feels you have some control of the nature of the funeral service. From casket to ceremony at least you can contribute to how your life is honoured and celebrated. 

The licenced professional funeral directors at Can-Trust-Funeral based on their experience serving families can help at any time in their funeral arrangement needs – immediate, pre-planned or imminent, would add these benefits to pre-planning:  

  • Have clear instructions to family about your wishes for the type of funeral service you want  
  • Prepare documents or instructions that will help with the complex paperwork after a loved one dies such as: death certificates, transplant and tissue donations, cancellations of subscriptions, sim cards, credit cards, ongoing billing and interest charges. 

It can be challenging and emotionally exhausting for a long time for your loved ones to untangle and close off all these details of daily living.  

Pre-planning a funeral when things are calm lets you consider costs and options with less stress or hurry or worry about financing a funeral. With planning in advance your loved ones can follow your wishes clearly and not wonder about all the many decisions to make when planning a funeral. 

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