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How to cope at Valentine’s Day when grief has taken hold of your heart from Vancouver’s Can-Trust-Funeral Home and Services  

Valentine’s Day is a time that celebrates love and our emotional relationships with family, friends, partners and spouses. Yet for anyone grieving a loss, no matter how much time since their loved one has passed, Valentine’s Day can be tough. Can-Trust’s funeral directors have seen individuals cope with grief. They have some ideas if you are feeling a loss deeply around Valentine’s Day, in the midst of inescapable marketing and store displays on romance and coupled bliss. 

These are places of sanctuary for the soul and some gestures that may lighten your heart as you feel and you remember:   

Accept that grief is personal 

  • Not only is there no time limit for any one person’s healing, each person feels it in their own way.  
  • Ignore the ‘rules’ and you do you. Cope as you are in the way that comforts you. Don’t take on any pressure, on any given day to be a certain way.  

Honour your loved one’s memory 

  • What about doing something in memory of your beloved?  
  • It could become your new Valentine’s Day tradition when thinking of them and feeling their absence.  

Honour the loved one by continuing to live well   

  • If you allows yourself to focus on self-care, you add life to your years and the energy to keep your loved one’s memory and impact alive.  
  • Many sources for tips to get through Valentine’s Day may urge a quiet time of reflection and recharge. Today’s truth is that everyone has quiet time now due to the pandemic. Many can’t spend time with loved ones. Your distance is simply more permanent.  

Be thine own Valentine and consider any of these ideas to share your thoughts or find solace in activity or reflection: 

  • Brighten the day or your home with flowers 
  • Breathe purposefully, meditate, walk, exercise, get a massage, have a nice meal, rest well and go for that chocolate of your choice  
  • Share your feelings with family, friends, and confidants and arrange to spend time with others, not ONLY couples who celebrate Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day will never be the same without your loved one, and it’s okay, even healthy, to experience sadness at this thought. Perhaps if you plan ahead and incorporate some of these activities in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, you can prepare yourself for the holiday and find peace of mind in the midst of a dizzying array of hearts, cards and candy.     

A professional funeral director helps people with their funeral arrangements and the many choices involved in funeral services. They see the deep pain of bereavement directly and so also have the experience to assure you that this pain you feel, it does shift over time.    

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