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A personal on-site visit should follow your short list gotten from your early search by phone and through referrals of trusted persons for a funeral home and funeral services to meet your needs in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. It is useful and reassuring to physically visit a funeral home. Your personal inspection reveals whether the funeral director and staff practice the philosophy and community commitment they have promised in their printed or online posts and the information they shared with you on the phone.  

You may already have a sense about the quality of the funeral director. Your next step is to understand and to see the full picture – in person.  

Can-Trust-Funeral’s Richmond-based team of funeral directors speak from personal experience when they offer these tips on what to look for in a personal inspection:  

Are there proofs of the funeral home’s accreditation? 

Photos should be easily visible of the staff so you can recognize the funeral director you may be meeting with as well as other funeral service staff. 

Credentials such as licenses to operate a funeral home and the licenses of the funeral directors as proof of their graduation from accredited courses and licenses to offer funeral services should be visible.  

Price lists should be easily available for viewing and review.  (Please subscribe and receive upcoming detailed blogs on why all these are important to you)            

Is the space flexible so that the venue can meet your needs? 

As you consider the elements you want to be a part of the funeral service you are planning, you should choose a funeral home that meets those desires.  

The funeral director and their staff, will meet with you to discuss what is important to you, and they should have experience and ideas on how to create the funeral service or memorial or celebration of life you envision.  

Is it clean and well-kept?   

A point so obvious that it is expected, yet on your tour of a funeral home your overall personal impression if the requirements of what is clean and orderly counts! What you see automatically filters into what you sense about how things are run at the funeral home and how you feel about your contact with the funeral director and their staff.  

Can-Trust-Funerals Ltd. provides reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always. 

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