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The paper work that surrounds the passing of a loved one from death well into times of closure, can be daunting for the bereaved. Richmond-based Can-Trust-Funerals Ltd. serves the funeral home needs of families in the Vancouver area including Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam, as experienced death care professionals. They are also empowered as licensed professional funeral directors to handle the very detailed paperwork that descends on grieving families.  

Today’s post shares insights into the documentation associated with the death of a person and how a properly licensed funeral director in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland can help families avoid critical mistakes. Errors can occur while trying to fulfill all the regulations and comply with forms and fine print. This adds stress and robs individuals of time they need most to be present with their families and feelings.  

A funeral director can help you navigate or completely handle the paperwork for key administrative stages surrounding the death of your loved one at: 

  1. Time of death 
  2. Time of preparation for funeral services, cremation, memorial service in the Vancouver area  
  3. Time of closure – a critical period almost exclusively dealing with the closure or all records of the deceased’s financial, government and community life in the days after the remains are rested and the attendant rituals are observed.   

Documents and details at time of death 

Funeral directors are responsible for and empowered to collect the Medical Certificate of Death (MCD) signed by the doctor who states the official time and cause of death. This is the only way the hospital will release the body and the doctor has up to 48 hours to complete it.  

The funeral director can then proceed to create the Death Certificate which results in creating Disposition Permits that manage the final resting place of the remains. That includes niches for cremated remains or burial plots and enabling the official registration of the death with the government.  

Each death certificate has multiple parts that must be signed in print or electronically, filed, sent to the cemetery or crematorium and kept in perpetuity. There is also the possibility of having the documents accompany a body that must be transported to another jurisdiction in Canada or internationally.  (View BC’s regulations here)     

Each document bears serial numbers and is distributed to or stored at specific channels in accordance with laws and regulations for the process or the location.  

Documents that pertain to funeral services, cremations and memorial services preparations 

A funeral director communicates on your behalf with the appropriate clergy who will officiate at the funeral service and provides a clergy record for religious funerals 

Correspondence is also conducted with cemetery workers, administrators, and suppliers of services that the funeral director coordinates for you.  

This service alone covers a wide range: The permits and death certificates that must be copied and shared; supporting family as they go to the cemetery to pick a plot; communication to convey baskets, cremation containers, flowers and or course the arrangements at venues for family and guest gatherings.  

Closure of the many aspects of a living person’s presence    

Since even after passing, a person’s identity and presence endures throughout society, accurate follow up is needed to close off accounts, credit cards, and social insurance numbers and to give official notifications to government pensions, driver’s licenses and other situations where identity and activity is registered.  

This process alone can take many months or years. It can be shortened significantly through the close and trusted relationship established between the funeral director and family member or executor assigned to wrap up the recently departed’s affairs.   

Imagine, a singled word covers all the fine details and the meticulous attention – administration. Another important point on your checklist to explore with a funeral director.  

Can-Trust-Funerals Ltd. provides reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always. 

Before you engage with any funeral homes, please call Can-Trust-Funeral at 604-376-7975 or email to book a free professional consultation. You are never obligated. 

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