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Do the words ‘funeral home’ or ‘funeral services’ bring images of gates to a final resting place or a charming building nestled in greenery where we gather with family and friends. The reality of those words are funeral directors who are trained and experienced in answering first questions on the minds of people who may call in immediate need after a loss or as they pre-plan and explore options.

Based in Richmond, locally owned and operated Can-Trust funerals has been responding to those first questions about funeral home services for Vancouver, Burnaby, or funeral services in New Westminster, memorials in Surrey and celebrations of life in Coquitlam, Delta and Richmond.

Here are some essentials you can ask a Funeral Director:  

What happens when I call a Funeral Director?  

  • A Funeral Director answers any questions you have. They arrange for your loved one to be brought to the funeral home and for the final disposition of the human remains.
  • On the first call, you will be advised about the information that you must collect to fulfill the paperwork associated with any death and to bring into a first meeting.

How do I handle all the paperwork I’ve just been told about?

  • Handling the documentation is a very important part of a Funeral Director’s work on your behalf. When you engage a fully licensed and experienced funeral director it means they are qualified to correctly handle the paperwork for transfers from the hospital or home, get the doctor’s medical certificates, create official death certificates and secure cremation or burial permits.

Who can help coordinate all the services I will need?

  • A funeral director is not only empowered to look after your medical and legal documents, but should also present options on the people and products that best serve your needs. Together, you discuss your preferences and understand the costs and options on all matters such as cemetery sales, location for services and who will help with  needed catering, flowers, audio-visual needs and of course communicating with clergy who will officiate at the funeral or memorial service.
  • Preparation of custom memorial products, Vancouver cemetery sales or crematorium arrangements and transport services including flights arranged to repatriate a loved one who has passed far from home can also be part of the discussion.

About qualifications and credentials – Do not be embarrassed to ask for credentials. A funeral director must have their license with photo in full view. In our next post we will discuss the importance of training and professional standing and why it is critical to you and funeral service and arrangements in Vancouver and the lower mainland. 

You are invited to ask your questions and to contact Can-Trust Funeral Ltd.’s funeral director in a complimentary consultation with no obligation at 604 376-7975. They are part of your community and provide reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always.

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