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Today, we welcome a message and special response of support to front line workers in our community during this time of Covid19 from Tony Chan, owner of Can-Trust-Funeral Ltd based in Richmond, B.C. As a licensed funeral director and embalmer, drawn to the profession through a desire to help, his action is based in his strong belief in helping others and in everyone doing their part to keep everyone safe. 

Tony Chan is interviewed by Helena Kaufman (HK)  

HK    What insight did you have about the situation?   

TONY CHAN:  Everyone is vulnerable to Covid-19 at this moment.  I truly understand that those frontline workers, like us, encounter lots of challenges and risks serving the public each day.  That’s why PPE or personal protection equipment is important and essential to minimize the risk of getting the Covid19 virus. So, the masks are very important.  

HKWhat is your feeling about social responsibility? And how has this led you to take the action you are taking?   

TONY CHAN: As a locally owned business in Richmond, I believe we are part of the community. During difficult times, we should all do our part to help each other as much as possible and to share resources be it money wise, through donation of supplies, etc.  

I understand that many companies are closing down and people are losing their jobs, yet we can all still contribute in a most important role. We can stay at home. We can practice social distancing when we must go out. It is part of our social responsibility and soon we will be back to normal again. 

HKWhat have you chosen to do to help directly? 

TONY CHAN: I am donating facial masks to any non-profit organizations who are in need. 

HK Who is this for specifically?   

TONY CHAN:  This is for those frontline workers who are taking care of others.   Care workers for senior homes and workers in caring facilities including hospitals who are in need of masks, or surgical masks as they are called.  

HK   How do organizations who are interested in your offer of help contact you?   

TONY CHAN: They can contact me directly by phone at 604-376-7975 or through my company Email at 

HKHow do people get access to your donation?      , 

TONY CHAN:   After contact, I will distribute the masks to their locations as long as they are in the Lower Mainland.  

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