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Even while we are dealing with grief, the glitter and lights of the season may push us into the expected festive feelings and beyond to a kind of toxic positivity. We may act, almost excessively happy despite being in a difficult emotional state. Grief is highly personal. And, personal rituals help to cope with the depths of grief now in festive weeks and into the onset of darker winter months say the professional funeral directors at Richmond-based Can-Trust-Funeral.  

As licensed funeral directors, they have seen the challenge to hope and faith in the future as grieving families go through funeral arrangements, memorials and celebrations of life. Many choose to benefit from rituals at the funeral service and long after look to help them move forward and to live life as best as possible. Rituals acknowledge reality and honour a person’s feelings of missing loved ones in the fray of festivities.  

Examples of meaningful rituals shared by families with the funeral directors who have helped plan funeral arrangements in Richmond, Steveston, Vancouver, or funerals in Burnaby, funeral services in Surrey and funeral services in New Westminster have included:  

At the funeral, memorial, celebration of life or cremation services  

  • Graveside actions such as ripping of clothes, or attaching a black ribbon or arm band  
  • Shoveling earth into the grave 
  • Cut flowers  to throw into the grave or floral arrangements to place on the casket  
  • Visit the cemetery or a memorial site on the anniversary of a death  
  • Vancouver funeral services often revolve around an offering- something said, something to take away, such as a memorial card as a keepsake  

At home:   

  • Light candles 
  • Set a place for the dead at the dinner table 
  • Put the memorial card from the services in a place of honour at home and to hold as a keepsake.    

The possibilities for relief through rituals are endless as it all comes from the heart. 

Should we be able to ease your mind as you consider advance death care arrangements in the Metro Vancouver area or need to talk to us now, please contact us for a consult. You are never under any obligation. 

We wish you the best at this time.  To all we extend the guiding principal that helps us help others, Compassion, Always 

Can-Trust’s funeral directors offer families caring guidance on all options in the Lower Mainland community. We provide reliable, straightforward and affordable service, and with compassion, always.   

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